Protective Transparency

Want to protect your cargo from dust and weather conditions, but you want a clear packing on it? Then, Transparent Shrink Wrapping is what you need.!!

25 Ton Tanks: Road-Ready
18m Length, Secured

25-ton with 18-meter length tanks, lashed/secured and ready to move to Saudi Arabia by road.!

Heavy-Duty Shipping

5 units of 30-ton vibrators lashed together and secured with wooden dunnage supports to ensure the vibrators are kept in place.

Secure Pipe Bundles

88 bundles of pipes and skeleton boxes packed & secured, Ready to dispatch.!

Efficient Valve Shipping

Actuated Valves packed in 57 stackable HT wooden boxes with 2 ton capacity each.


To ensure a comprehensive assistance, CMS deals with a diverse variety of packaging products and techniques.